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Having grown up surrounded by art and artists, looking back, it seems only natural that I should have become interested in the construction and expression of my ideas and feelings through sculpture. From 1988 to 1991 I studied Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences at Sussex university where these ideas developed and in 1994, after living 'on the road' in an old fire engine converted into a motor home/workshop, I returned to Frome where I now live and work.

Based partly on environmental ideals, but also on a fascination with curios, I use mainly found or discarded objects including parts of broken machinery and equipment, watches and toys, reclaimed building stone, empty oil cans, copper wire stripped from electrical cable; anything that inspires me to create. A huge variety of beguiling forms emerge including faces, dancers, heads, strange creatures, mobiles, and abstract assemblages. Each has its own character that is enhanced by the former life of the materials that make it up.

My sculptures range from small to large scale, from steel constructions to stone carving, from indoor to out and from gallery to commission, suiting work to people and to places.


'Where other people see junk, Henry sees personality. Faces and the expressions on faces... Heads of coiled wire cast eloquent shadows, a sewing machine handle raises questioning eyebrows'. - Jenny Perry 2014 (author and art historian)

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